Help For Men Wanting To Live An Authentic and Intentional Life

Hi, I'm Dr. Gunn, a psychologist who specializes in helping adolescent males and men pursuing good mental well-being. I recognize that men face their own distinct set of pressures and expectations. Throughout my career I have seen how helpful and freeing it can be to have a safe and non-judgmental space to explore what you value as a man. My tailored approach acknowledges the diverse experiences of men, offering support for issues such as stress, partner/relationship issues, parenting/family dynamics, career challenges, life transitions, and more.

I bring warmth, compassion, humor, and insight into my work, and I try to help folks learn something new about themselves every session. Click the link below to set up a free consultation where we can talk about what you are needing and how I may be able to help. 

Maybe you have never tried counseling or maybe you have and did not get what you hoped from it. I offer services that are tailored to your needs, whether it be short-term work focused on specific goals, or longer-term work that helps you look deep inside to discover what is really going on so that you can make better choices going forward.  


Work-Life Integration: Overcome the pressure to prioritize career over the other parts of life. 

Expressing Emotion and Vulnerability: Increase emotional intelligence and learn how courage and connection are only possible through openness to vulnerability. 

Gender Stereotypes: Explore what "being a man" means within your value system and ways that stereotypes diminish your strengths and characteristics. 

Isolation at the Top: Learn how to navigate the loneliness of leadership.


Communication Styles: Learn to connect and communicate your own emotions as well as your ability to understand and respond to others' emotions.

Balancing Independence and Connection: Explore your preferences for maintaining independence while also fostering close and connected relationships. 

Handling Stress and Pressure: Explore how work-related stress, financial pressure, parenting, and other external factors are negatively impacting your well-being and relationships. 

Intimacy Issues: Increase your capacity to reduce conflict in order to be emotionally and physically intimate. 

Navigating Traditional Gender Roles: Learn to be a better partner by unraveling the ways that gender based expectations are negatively impacting your relationship. 

Dealing with Infidelity or Betrayal: Work through the pain, clarify your needs moving forward, and forge a path forward based on your values.


Individual Counseling

Evidence-based counseling for adolescents and adults struggling with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, self-esteem, identity issues, life transitions, etc.

Marriage Counseling/Couples Counseling/

Relationship Counseling

Relationships are the hardest things we do and relationship counseling helps with communication, emotional and physical intimacy, trust, commitment, and all the ingredients that make relationships work. We work with all types of relationships: Marital, Pre-Marital, Dating, Partnered, Ethical Non-monogomy, etc.

Group Therapy

Groups help you learn about yourself, improve your ability to relate to others, and help you develop skills for coping with things like generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression,


Assessment to determine the presence of ADHD or other learning problems, which can help guide treatment planning, and may be used for school or college accommodations.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for graduate students, post-docs, associate and fully licensed clinicians seeking to develop additional clinical competence.


Individual and group consultation on a wide variety of clinical and administrative topics including: ethics, creating a culture people want to work in, promoting good mental health in the workplace, managing a team of clinicians, improving team communication and functioning, and being a leader people want to follow.


We offer a wide range of topics that can be tailored to your group or organization, including: Mental Health First Aid, Question Persuade Refer (QPR), Crisis Management, Ethical Decision Making, Creating and Sustaining a Group Program, Service Delivery Models, Single-Session Therapy, etc.