Individual Counseling

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You don't have to struggle alone. But over the last 15 years of providing counseling I've learned that so many people do. 

Maybe you were taught not to talk about your problems. Or that any problems could be overcome with will-power, faith, or enough tenacity. 

The reality is that people from every race, religion, culture, and socioeconomic strata struggle, and being self-aware enough to know when things are not going well and asking for help is seen as a sign of strength and resilience.

Individual counseling is most helpful for folks who are motivated to change. This change can be from striving to thriving, or wanting to take your current best and making it better. Like going to the dentist is good for everyone's teeth, counseling is good for anyone who wants to keep evolving.

Many people prefer individual counseling because it is truly customized to the individual and allows for greater control of the pacing of counseling.