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During his 15 years of working in a large, multidisciplinary outpatient mental health center within a higher-education setting, Dr. Gunn has provided consultation to individual clinicians, group practices, and large and small departments within organizations. Consultation themes have been on improving workplace culture, reducing stigma in organizations, improving understanding of employee differences and communication styles, managing difficult employee situation, as well as many complicated ethical dilemmas.  

Dr. Gunn provides the following consultation services: 

College and University Counseling Centers
-Service Delivery Models
-Organizational Structure
-Creating/Improving a Group Counseling Program
-Creating/Improving a Training Program

General Practice
-Hiring and managing mental health clinicians
-Administrative and clinical supervision
-Case Consultation
-Managing team conflict and communication
-Change management

The list above is not comprehensive, so if there are related topics that you are looking for an experienced psychological consultant to assist with, please contact me to discuss your needs, goals, and how we might be able to achieve them together.