Anxiety Therapy

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Generalized Anxiety

Does it seem like your mind just never shuts off and is constantly worried about something? Do you feel like you can never relax and are constantly on edge?

Fear-based living is no way to live. Some people have a sense of where their anxiety originated while others feel like it just comes out of nowhere. Regardless of its origin, anxiety is very treatable and one of the most common reasons adolescents and adults seek counseling. 

Social Anxiety

Do you live in constant fear of judgment from others? Do you frequently worry about what others think of you and often assume that people do not like you? Do you need a lot of reassurance from others?

Our technologically driven society has dramatically changed the way we communicate and connect with others. There are a number of evidence-based treatments that can dramatically reduce social anxiety and increase your ability to genuinely connect with others.

Panic Attacks & Other Anxiety Disorders

Panic attacks can be very scary, especially if you are new to having them. The intense physiological symptoms can feel beyond your control and the fear of having more panic attacks often leads folks to change their behavior in the hopes of avoiding them in the future. Many people stop going to the place or doing things where they have had them before, which can really become create problems in relationships and other experiences. Imagine if you had a panic attack at work or school or while driving and are now scared of those places and situations. Luckily, for many people panic attacks are very manageable once they are able to learn what is triggering the anxiety that is building into panic and correctly interpret and respond to what their body is doing.